How many people has this offer?

I saw like 3-1 hour ago leak about this gun and i just saw this offer on my shop…so does anybody else have thiz?

Screenshot_20210607-133449_Pixel Worlds

Yeah got it too bro. New bundle

10$ for a gun? meh, it’s a hard pass at least for me

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Yea, same here. I do not usually spend some $$$ for in-game items, they take up space since they are untradeable.

I bought the frozen flame mask bundle for 10$ but the mask is way cooler than the gun. the gun is just meh.

It’s euros, not dollars. They are more expensive than dollars. 11€ = about $13.75.

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Its best to spend money on the items that look cool.

Why i maybe buy this, 200k gems. Need gems xd and it has nice lookin gun :slight_smile:

Nah, it’s still $10 USD, I live in Canada though so it’ll be a bit more in CAD

So not only it is more expensive in € because of the rates, but it’s also 11€ compared to $10?

Costs 270CZK here, so $13.50 here or 10.80€…

this makes me jealous

you guys have money

Get a job or do some survey sites lol

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you guys spent money on game??

You really think game companies make games for free? Where else would they get money? How else would players show they support a game they enjoy?

hey chill, its just a f2p joke.

I need 1 more year till working age

Where’s the punchline

Such a good deal tho

Um can you edit the title to “how” you right “hoe” if u know what I mean :-: