How many &which languges do you know?

its really interesting for me how many languages do u guys know, i know turkish , english , azeri , and a little bit russian

french, english, some polish, some irish :smiley:

Irish ,English quite at both small bit of french German and Spanish very small amount

How do you know Irish lol?

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I went to an exchange school there for like a year and a half lol

English and Chinese.

  • Czech (native)
  • English (fluent, about B2 tier)
  • German (started learning, A1 tier)

Romanian, English, 🕈︎✋︎☠︎☝︎👎︎✋︎☠︎☝︎💧︎

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English, Spanish, Mandarin and Japanese. (Although I’m not very fluent in Mandarin and Japenese, still learning)

Romanian, english and just about enough french to order 2 baguettes and to make small talk with the individuals in Paris.

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Same, although I don’t know Chinese too much, but 你好! 我叫 Celics. 我十三岁, 你呢?

Well, right now I only speak a few:

  • Spanish, which is my main language.
  • English, which I learnt since the primary school until now, basically all my life I have been learning English lol.
  • Portuguese, which I can understand and speak a little.

But for sure I would like to learn more languages in the future. :smile:

English and a bit of Chinese (Simplified)

Sad that I had to drop Chinese at school but I had to make room to do psychology. I still occasionally learn characters though as my grammar and understanding of character use is OK.

chinese and english. the funny thing is that i can speak chinese but i have difficulties reading or writing chinese.

I can’t even remember 20 Chinese words, after a Chinese Language Test by my teacher, I usually forget about the words

nice im actually irish lol where did you go to if you don’t mind me asking?

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Dublin :smiley:

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wow im actually from dublin also im not gonna tell you exactly where i live but yeah thats pretty cool

My main language is Estonian, I speak english (quite good in my opinion), finnish because it’s quite similar to Estonian, abit Russian and Germany.