How much glitched fert blue name and 3 letter world

How much is the glitched fertilizer ? The ones wf blue name

Also how much 3 letter world cost now?

oh that one, it cost over 1 billion byte coin now.

Lol is that even real??

no, he is capping
but i can say its over 10k bc :skull:

do people even sell or buy that?

IDK i never saw anyone selling it in months

Would it even be legal XD.
I mean, no joke but, he is selling bugged or hacked items.

if u got it from the legal way before it was glitched i dont think its ilegal to sell i think XD

it was a bug in the game and doesn’t have any harm to anyone so he can sell it
and it was available by a quest

it wasn’t available in the shop, it was from a quest. it gave you fertiliser prop instead of fertiliser consumable

if someone could tell me how much its worth better cuz my fren need know price

I think it’s like 300k now or more

will people even buy it lmao

People like to buy htf and glitched items so yes

so how much are 3 letter world rn

i guess around 20k but depends on name tho

Imo opinion and I have a few myself the money they get is nothing like the figures banded around by some .

There are plenty of players with a 100± of these worlds … now one or two sales at 10-15k and none of the others selling does not define a market !. Many have had them for years!

Also three very random letters are no different to symbols …

Plus some old style soil world with a battle fought out at the spawn is not exactly a pro home nor farm

In short your question is too vague.

CAT would be in a different league to ATC, so syntax too!

I paid under 1600 bc for _co. It’s such an easy name to type and I decided to keep it. Two items in the world were worth more, I sold them.

Alright man ty. Anyways i have the glitched fert if anyone interested pm me:)

I have a world named C_K, which can be seen as a shorthand to Commander_K, though usually it’s CK.

Nobody wants the world.

They’re very picky with 3-letter worlds.

MMM, to me that reads as you want too much money for it.

It would easily sell …
Especially someone with those initials or game name that uses them .

Bring down the price. I’ve started to sell worlds a lot cheaper . It’s better than just sitting on them for ever ! Lest face it there is always more … If I look I find them, everytime

I’m also of the opinion it’s now incredibly hard to sell worlds full stop . Exceptions being names linked to the Game and popular everyday things

Pushing the commander K angle on this is spurious at best … plus do newer players appreciate a long time gone name???

All folks want is farms or pro worlds

Don’t forget for a small amount of gems a world can be bought new and cleared