How much is FIN Pennant seed and how common those are?

Me and my friend found 5 FIN Pennant seeds from world hunting. I have no idea how much one seed is. I am also curious to know are those common or rare. I have seen couple seeds in some worlds but not too many. So if you know something, feel free to tell. :hear_no_evil:

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Not sure about the price but they are quite rare nowadays.

Ya, thats what i thought too.

Really rare, and therefore the price can be very flexible

Alright, I think I can just put those in my collection world in future. Glithed items are pretty cool tho.

Finland celebrated one hundred years of independence back on December 6th, 2017. Since Kukouri Mobile Entertainment Ltd. and all of the developers are Finnish, as well as the decent part of the game’s audience at the time — these came solely as a reason for the dedicated one-day mini-event held back then. You cannot obtain FIN Pennant, FIN Pennant Seed, nor FIN Cap anymore, and therefore, they are limited items as it was once in a lifetime event. Although, since you could get them by breaking the soil blocks, players obtained plenty of them back then. Hard to tell the exact price of their, and it most likely depends on the participants of the deal.

Clear! :tipping_hand_woman:

Wasn’t it a glitch that FIN Pennant Seed’s dropped? That might make it a bit more valuable I think

From what I remember they always dropped seeds and it was never fixed. Still rare regardless.

Right, unintentionally, but FIN Pennant had a chance to drop it (Since it was a one-day mini-event, this meaning that you could always earn it back then. Most likely you couldn’t get it off of breaking pennants nowadays). Regardless, you could receive it by breaking the previously mentioned soil blocks. Considerably, it would go off slightly more rare and valuable than the other two, but that’s how it would generally apply.

I sold my 3 seeds for 25 world locks each last week, I was in a rush to sell them, they could definitely be sold for 30-40

Oh nice, pretty much from seed that looks like soil block seed. :laughing: