How much is lep cape?

Im doing a new set and i need the lep cape for it. However I don’t know the price of any item, so usually ill ask a few people the price. However I get a prices that so far off from each other. Some people tell me its 190-200 others tell me its 300+ so what is the price of the item?

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i know all items price
lep cape price = 200-230WL

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So im not sure whats going on with the price of the cape. People are telling me its 190-250 wls however. Ive seen alot of sellers today about 10+ and all are selling for 350+ wls.

im pretty sure its risen for st patricks day to like 250 saw 300 seller

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Im pretty sure it will drop during st patricks day.

No lep Cape Limited in St Patrick rise

Well I said it rose for st Patrick’s day not during
But I would not think it would drop

My bets are on it rising for St. Patrick’s Day.