How much time do you spend on PW

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How much time do you spend on PW in a day
  • A couple of minutes
  • 1-2 hours
  • 3-5 hours
  • 6-8 hours
  • 9-12 hours
  • I don’t play everyday

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Also what do you do while playing PW?

Hangout with friends, farm to get my xp up in my clan, try to sell his items

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3-5 hours usually. If its a booster update or game has been getting boring then maybe 1-2 hours.

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I used to play for like 10 minutes a day average. But now that I bought a fishing rod and gear, I fish in the background when I am doing school work and I am on for about 2 1/2 hours.

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Like an hour a week unless there’s an event or I’m doing something in game.

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usually plays for 6hrs max, and has to rest my eyes for 10mins per hr.
and 24hrs in the forums.

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I probably play like 2 hours

it depends on if there is somethin special, as an example at bt 2020 i had like3 and a half hours now im at like 1hour+

Like, 5 minutes
The game doesn’t really appeal to me right now

It depends on the year’s season for me.
Lately, I have decreased the hours spent on Pixel Worlds, due to other in real life priorities, such as Academic Studies or to spend more time with Friends and Familiars.

2017 : 2-4 hours
2018 : 3-6 hours
2019 : 10 hours
2020 : 14 hours (quarantined)
2021 : 1 hours

rn I am playing just for the anniversary event since all of the 3 years I missed them.

i usually just check if something interesting going on if there isnt, i do something else instead.