How old are you?

  • 13-15
  • 15-17
  • 18+

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Trying to see something here…

*i did not include any age under 13 because you are tehnically not allowed to use the forum as long as you’re not 13.
also, voting is anonymous so you don’t have to lie, I’m just trying to see how old the typical pw demographic is.

Bruh Im 15 in april, what i am supposed to choose?

I’m really curious checking everyone’s ages (presses check voters)

I like how we have a lot of 15-18 years old :smirk:

There is no such button…?

Ok I joker’nt ツ

Voting is anonymous. :ox:

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i didnt realise that most of you would be over 15

16 in two months or so.

I feel like a tiny kid now, i’m 13


ye me too because everyone else is like 15 or 16 or maybe even 20

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Ppl are showing off their age :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

how do you show off your age :confused:

Fazeus and Ephus are already confirming they’re 14 and 16 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

18 in november :sparkles::nail_care:

too bad i can’t celebrate it by getting hammered since i have exams that week.

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Turned 19 a month ago :eyes:

Why is people revealing their age when vote exists :blush:

Well I guess it’s okay to reveal someone’s age as long as they’re open about it? It’s a completely harmless reply.


You can choose to reply or not.
Own choice can be made here do u vote or not.
15 years old can be in 2 category :smiley:

I agree with that one, at first I was going to comment down my age but instead it was only a poll.

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