How rare is the Blackbird Cape?

So yea… how rare is it?


i know that but like how many of them are left approx.?

I think there is a lot, it’s just hard to find for some reason

maybe its becuz ppl who quit have them?

Not just that-

Like way before, it was kinda htf already idk why

maybe becuz the chances of getting it are rlly low? cuz its only the 2nd cape which gives double jump i think…?

1/22-35 chances of a player owning it

that doesnt matter, its just that alot of people want it for mining as it gives armor so its demand is really high

ah yea… but DaBomba gives more right?

yea but it has no jump effects

the blackbird cape is from sb so its sort of limited but theres no cap on the amount of them

Prolly a boat load of them.

Theres alot before, i think theyre waiting to sell it soon.

ahh yes, whereas the blackbird gives double jump its the second cape which does so after the drac cape

what i think is… there were many ppl who quit, so maybe they had some of the capes?