How to appeal a discord ban?

I have just been banned from the discord for 6 strikes. I’ve been told that you had to have 9 strikes to be permbanned, apparently not.

Can someone please tell me how to get rid of this ban or where to appeal?

I only got a strike for speaking a Finnish and helping another player.

Try standing on your pinky finger for ten minutes, then you might have a chance of being able to appeal.

can i get the server link for pw discord

Please stop joking.
My day is already ruined by my mom yelling at me for online school issues. We’re not going to go back to normal school until at least May.

And now I’m not welcome in Pixel Worlds.

If I get the ban lifted, or at least converted to a tempban, great. But I want to know where can I contact the mods to discuss this, and jokes about it aren’t helping.

This is a serious topic.

but why did you keep on breaking rules even when you were told to stop :confused:

I just want one last chance. I’ll behave. In fact, I have tried to improve my behavior at the 5th strike, but still accumulated a 6th for some reason.
Idk what inappropriate images is the message talking about.
I don’t deny that I’ve been a nuisance with my constant begging for a sub, but if after a 1 day ban is a permanent one, not even a 7 day or 30 day ban…

you got 5strikes how come you ignored all of them
also someone tell me the pw discord
edit: found it i just searched on google pw discord and found it lmao

It’s not a joke, stop guilting me and blaming others for your personal issues and behavior. They don’t ban you for no reason, you’re only sorry because you got banned. Breaking the rules has consequences, you live and learn.

Stop blaming others for your bad behavior.

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Honestly, I’m not sure there is much you can do, nor should you really. You have received 6 strikes, which means on 6 separate occasions you’ve violated the rules in one way or another. You are still more than welcome in the Pixel worlds community, in-game, on the forums, on the livestreams, etc. You simply violated the rules set in place on discord, so you face the consequences.

If you believe you deserve another chance, contact support:
If the administrators are understanding enough, you may be swapped to a temporary ban, but I can’t guarantee they will do anything at all, as you’ve obviously violated the rules on numerous occasions.

IF you get another chance, make sure to read the rules, every single line and follow it.


I just want to know how one person can get banned from so many different platforms.

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Yeah, but I’ve thought about spending my money to subscribe to Jake. If I do subscribe, one of the benefits is a “Twitch Subscriber” rank on the discord. With being banned from there, I will receive no rank, thus the only benefit I’ll have is a nice message in chat stating that I’ve subscribed for 1 month, a subscriber badge that you can hide with FFZ, and no ads (ads can be blocked via adblock). And it’s still the same price, for less benefits.

The point is not to get personal benefits from it, the point is to support them.

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You’ve already admitted that you were begging for a Twitch subscription, which is most likely what contributed to your final strike.

If you’re lucky, you may still get gifted a subscription randomly by a member of the community. That’s something that can happen on Twitch, because there’s an option to gift a subscription to a random viewer when you pay for a gift subscription.

The reason subscriptions are available is to allow you to support the developers of Pixel Worlds by contributing money to help them with game development and content creation.

Benefits that come with a Twitch subscription are just that, benefits. They’re not usually the reason why you buy a subscription to a channel. Because you’ve been banned from the Pixel Worlds Discord server, you lose the right to that benefit, since you can no longer access the Discord server. There are still many other benefits that you can take advantage of however, such as the subscription badge, the increased channel points income, and the channel emojis.

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Yeah, but being banned makes it harder to communicate with the community.

That was your own choice.

sometimes they do though lol. i’m not saying this guy didn’t do anything, he acknowledged he was being a nuisance, but in my own personal experience, it happens.

and no, i’m not banned there anymore, i actually got a permanent ban removed because it literally was for no reason.

but yeesh 6 strikes. -
strike 1: nothing
strike 2: 10min mute
strike 3: 2 hour mute
strike 4: kick
strike 5: probably tempban (maybe 2-3 days??)
strike 6: probably a longer tempban

idk it just seems unlikely they’d go straight to a permanent ban from a short tempban.

edit: btw, speaking from experience again, mods get really pissy when you share screenshots of your strikes.

5th is 1d tempban, 6th is a permban.

Like others have said, emailing support is one option, but sending a DM to Aldople#1152 would probably be better since he’s the one who handles the moderation for the most part. Also yeah probably shouldn’t post strike messages constantly

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I can’t DM LMO if he doesn’t share a server with me. I’m not muted, I am banned.

If I’m correct there’s not really a set amount of strikes to get a perma ban (but I might most probably be wrong). Also your constant begging really caused the chat to move to non pw topics and anger for you have not stopped when you were asked to. I also do not think it is right for you to show your punishment/ban message here or anywhere.
If you still think or want to get unbanned, message Aldople as he is your best chance.
And if you were indeed given another chance, I advise you to actually learn from your past strikes.

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