How to become a mod?

Hello, I have been playing this wonderful game as pixel worlds for a long time. I would like to ask, since there is such a shortage of mods and admins, is it possible to take office? If yes, please tell me how. Thanks for your understanding and reply.

In order to become an in game mod you need to be a really well known, really trusted and really helpful old member of the community.

  1. Be known to the community, we wanna see how you move.
  2. Be active, we don’t like inactive ones.
  3. Age does not matter, but your maturity does.
  4. Wait for a mod application, put in your basic information stuff and how you respond to situations.

Prolly just another random guy who wants to use the mod/admin powers for his own good.


who da hell are you :skull:

How do become mod? I ask myself this question every second (How do I become mod?) (I frogot)

i forgor*

:slight_smile: no problem

On account of the movement in society. It will, I’ll try. I am a very active player, I have been playing since about 2016-2017, somewhere in between. I will respond to all reports, maybe. most of them remain unanswered. At the expense of trust … I don’t know how to prove to you that I am an honest player and I DO NOT want to take office for my own benefit. Just after a long time of playing, I want to try something new and bring good people. Reduce the number of scammers, why did I decide? Because I want to try a new field and help the project. I have everything, waiting for the next answer. Sorry for the clumsy text) I’m only at the middle stage of learning English. Thanks for understanding.

Man) is the same as you

If you decided to insult me ​​with this message, then you did not succeed. I’m not a random person, I’m sure I’ve been playing longer than most.

I meet all specifications. At the expense of fame on the forum I will work. I promise I can contact you if needed, and I’m sure it is.

To become a mod, You have to be known by a lot peoples from different platform such as Discord, Instagram, etc (It will increase your chance).
You also need to show your contribution. For example, Nico edited over 1k pages of wikia…
And the important thing is, Don’t ask for the status since it decrease your chance to be one

Can i become an admin pls :star_struck:


How old is your account?

Apply for cleaning services


Janitor in kukouri headquarters


I lost the basis, there are now 1.3-4k days. Now I’m playing with an account that reaches 800 days. I can throw off information about the old account.

What should I do? :slight_smile: Also, I will not forget to ask for information about the rules of the Moders.

Mine is at 1872 :face_in_clouds: that is like a year older

Understandable, but what does it give? ))))))