How to bypass version check?

Is there a way to somehow use the pre-WL-ruin version of the app? If I roll back, I only get told to update…

Even Microsoft has a rollback feature in case you don’t like Windows 11, and they do like forcing users to use the newest stuff…

So dev team should make another version of game that has tradeable wls?

You’re only player who i have seen complaining about it, you don’t even give bytecoins a shot.

I have explained you in multiple threads why devs made wls untradeable, but yet you keep complaining and completely ignoring the facts how many good things this change brought.


Even if you somehow managed to play on the older version of pixel worlds, other people still wouldn’t be able to trade world locks because they are playing on the current version. And most people already sold their world locks, so they don’t have them. If you mean an actual rollback then you’re basically wanting another pixel worlds server.

Isn’t there a way to trick the server that you’re running the latest version?

I don’t think it’s possible to play pixel worlds on an older version even if you tricked the game. I’m not a programmer but I feel like the game would constantly keep crashing if you tried to play it.

So you’re saying that PW has checksums?

Sorry, I don’t know about that. I really don’t know how to explain this, maybe someone else can explain it.

Just not possible. Even if you bypassed it, your client won’t match the server version and you won’t be able to play.


Yeah, but the client has to tell the server the version. It has to be spoofable somehow.

Maybe, maybe not. If you somehow manage to bypass everything, sign in, and play online with an older version, all the missing assets will likely cause crashes, problems, and probably hack checks for doing things you’re not meant to do.

Just stop complaining and play the game

My WLs though. My WLs…

Convert them into bytes and get used to it


Just give bytecoins a shot… is it really so bad? it isn’t.

If you don’t like the World Locks being untradeable, just stop playing Pixel Worlds no one is forcing you to play. If your not enjoying Pixel Worlds you can take a break or quit. Or just accept that world locks are untradeable now, and use bytes instead.

Stop crying about it and just convert your god damn wls lmao
No one even cares about this anymore, and your complaining will do nothing about it
waaaaaa :sob: wls untradeable waaaa :sob:


I don’t think the client tells the server the version.

Additionally, if the untradeable-checking happens on the server, and your client tries to trade a world lock, the server won’t let the trade happen. If it does happen on the client and you change something there, it’s considered hacking

Oh I thought all of this was for some interesting experiment, not someone who’s sore over the WL change.
I’d otherwise have been kind of interested if you somehow got this version difference thing to work.


I mean its basically a completely different game every update, bypassing a version check sounds stupid, this game is entirely multiplayer