How to create pixel art

Hi community of PW im wondering how i can create and post my own pixel art
Please let me know
This would be Appreciated


Post a picture of some Pixel Art or create Pixel Art in-game?

Im new to to the forums so idk what u mean

You can make a new post it inside -> Community Creations -> Art

Ok thank you :+1:(do u mean like blackwights)

Yea, you can do that.

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Easy, just install MS Paint if you don’t already have it and start drawing something on it.


you can use this site: if you need a program to draw with :slight_smile:
and then post it in Community Creations in the the Art catagory :+1:


Thank you shawn, any xmas themed ideas?

Just use gimp or IbisPaint for mobile. Pixel brush and resize experimentation makes it easy as hell

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Btw do u guys want free minor in cadetchristmas

Im learning how to make pixel art too tht discussion gave me lot ideas!

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If you are on Pc then i highly reccomend GIMP!
ontop of the already good tools gimp has for pixel art and larger photos, it has some pretty awesome modules which work like magic.

perhaps you can make me a camera familliar (not xmas themed) or a Christmas Tree Mount :smiley:

Np im confused aswell plus im not good at art

I got the pixel art app is this ok

Ok im not that good but i have an idea

Im designing it now its taking a while as i keep making mistakes

What app did u installed?

Pixilart - Create pixel art on the go & socialize

Awww i musing ibispaint it has rly much features i recommend it to you:)