How to do profit? Can u give me idea?

We have secret idea for profit but We can share it sometimes :smile: I did Retro Glassses farm ( Its very profitable ) buy/sell byte but I want do more diffrent way to get wl. Can u Help us?

If I shared my secret, it wouldn’t be so secret, wouldn’t it?

Edit :

Who’s “Us” ?

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We? Hmm sounds like communism to me. I usually just trade. Can’t really say how. Buy low sell high :man_shrugging: you really gotta do it to understand. You can’t learn trade through books and stuff, you gotta do it. :smiley: Its very good profit if you understand it enough.

Ima spoil the beans for you sir, you need 2 account first your main and your alt, you used your main to fish and your alt account to trades, but you need 2 phone to do this.
Basiclly you got gems and can do normal trade at the same time.

There are many ways to start profiting!
Here are some of the examples:

  1. You can profit from fishing by catching fish.

  2. You can profit from mining by going to PIXELMINES and start mining on different levels with a pickaxe. With the pickaxe, you can get gemstones which is a good way to make gems.

There are also:

  1. Trade profit
  2. Farming by breaking blocks and placing seeds to your world.
  3. Visiting the Netherworld. There you can collect items and kill monsters to recieve gems!

You can also look at Youtube videos for tips and tricks from other Pixel Worlds players.

I hope this reply helped you out, have a good day!

The players became so greedy these days I can’t have a whole godamn discussion without get called noob or a kid because i don’t have enough wls. But they don’t even understand what are they doing when they hoard items

Can you help me or us?
Us who?

I dont rlly profiting btw lol i just do parkours etc, mining help you alot


this is the only profit i do.
not too hard, not too profiting and you can watch videos while at it.

Like try searching “How to profit” at the search bar