How to eradicate PWE

Okay here’s my idea,

We all know we lose a lot of bytes as tax to the goddamn pwe machines, Unless you have a VIP.

I think as players we should create Time based trade worlds.

So first someone makes a gm and we get all the players item requests they are trying to buy and put it in a sign, and also note down the htf or hts or any item requests the players are trying to sell too in the sign boards (so each has its own tiny platform where they can meet their buyer or seller and do their trades!)

This might sound like trade world with extra steps well yeah… but no, by doing this you could find any player desparately wanting an item for your price or wants to sell an item.

How does this work??
First owner makes a gm and gets the players, and notes down their requests and tells them to come at a specific time , and once again makes another random gm and let’s the players to look at the requests of the items they are buying or selling, and once again tells this batch to come at the same time.
Once both batches come at the same time they can do their trades.

Once this type of world’s are popular enough, players will check themselves for an item they are looking for or they might look for some cheap item to buy and they can look at the sign to know when to come.
So that way we can let players get their items for 0 tax.

Worlds like this can be created by many people who just want to help the community, because obviously one isn’t enough.

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In all honesty. PWE is one of the reasons the economy isn’t like my sleep schedule. Removing byte coins from circulation is as important as adding them. If there came too many byte coins from the gems or so, then all the items scale down and so world locks and byte coins both have their values reduced. I know you want the best value for your items and this sounds like a good idea, let me explain the downsides.

  1. The lack of people who would spend that much effort into building a “system” like that.
    → PW, in a sense, sheds its old player base and gets a new one, about every 3 years. People grow up. Then leave. If a system like this were to be implemented, a younger player base would have a harder time understanding it. (The younger player base is the majority of todays player base).

  2. Worlds like these may become popular for a bit then downgrade into the normal cycle most worlds go through.

And then. There’s funding.
I doubt many people would fund into a project like this,


Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this.

I think funding is something like 5k gems a day, wouldn’t really be a big deal for a rich player who knows the potential of such worlds and knows they might get popular.

And I don’t think once player’s find a way like this to trade, I don’t think it will affect its relevancy since they get profits from worlds such as this (so maybe there won’t be a valid reason for it to become less popular or less usable after a few days)

And the main point I agree, yes pwe removes a lot of bytes through tax from the economy. So I guess this method counters that. But ultimately I don’t think worlds like these could do as much of the trades that go on in pwe. Well if worlds like this become popular that might be a problem.

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Like tellcode said the pwe is one of the main sources of byte coin reduction, and if it didn’t exist the economy would skyrocket making it harder for new and “poorer” players to achieve their goals and move forward in the game.


Good idea, it won’t hurt the economy doing some trades this way.


I can’t see it working.

PW is a truly global game and timezones are a problem . PWE machine removes time issues.

Also PWE gives real opportunities to acquire true bargains … that ain’t gonna happen in the world’s you describe …

Only today i finally picked up an item via offer for 5k it’s most recent sales were 10-12k …

On a side note i recently came into possession of TRADERS which I have given a lot of thought into reopening - to do what you described would actually be an immense amount of work by the owner

… What’s in it for them?

I don’t want to eradicate PWE, just pay the fees !

I don’t think time zones would be a problem, the timings would be in international clock based, and considering on a given day time most of the players might be on the same region/continent.

And pwe don’t give you any opportunity to bargain since there is no one to interact to about the prices you wanna buy, most of the time they ram up the prices based on what the other guy is selling it for, so the time you get lucky buying some stuff cheap from the pwe is from an urgent seller, anyways unlike this, when two players meet at the world ofcourse they would bargain it and get a good offer for themselves, and let’s not forget the fact the reason they came here in the first place is not to Lose more bytes to tax in pwe.

And anyways about the “Traders” world you got, are you willing to sell it to me??

Not willing to sell at the moment, I’m still farming upper tier items for it (and other worlds) they take so damn long!

Ive been seeking a world to sell my ‘worlds’ from which has got a little out of hand i just have too many and this world it talks to me LoL

The lower section of it can easily be built to allow that . Trade attracts trade as well and might also give buyers something else to do …

Also what value ? My brother has put a big price on it and I think he could be right.

My head says I need to try this, if I change my mind to sell I’ll let you know …

I am partial to UR (possibly L) butterflies.

  • the world only had two items in it one of which was a UR :butterfly: