How to find World with my small lock?

Hey, I use lock on one of worlds but forgot to add it to favourites. Now is not visible in latest visits and I forgot name. How to find that world?

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There is no way to check it. You have to guess it

Have good memory like me, I spammed my world name with I’s (in another game) and went to my home world to deposit some items, and then wrote the exact number of I’s first try.

This sadly is a problem.

Favourites is too short for me . It’s a good place to keep note of places to visit , but a poor one for visited .

I operate a hub and keep notes in there… Not only that I’ve added a room to the side and an archive space in a completely different world to keep copies of the notice boards i make…

Am i sad? Possibly :joy:

It’s easy to copy / paste then jump in a portal …

But for this to work you have to be organized, everything has to have a place and stuff gets put away (or displayed) asap

No dropping and placing a block on top

All in it’s made it very easy for me to lucratively sell stuff in the right quantities.