How to get Cryptic Mechanical Box? Someone just got it

Drexus_pw on Instagram (Link) found a person in PixelMines named: OPMIT
And the person had a Cryptic Mechanical Box which the person gave to Drexus and Drexus tried consuming it which popped up a Monolith Puzzle which looks like the fossil puzzle.
Anyways, How to get it? OPMIT said he got it from a monster but, the rarity of the thing is Rare and I haven’t gotten it even though I got 2 pocket watches and much more rarer ingredients. I doubt it being from the mines, any ideas where or how to get it?

it could be a nether drop. Did he say exactly where?

Nether drop? I don’ think so because deepnether drops are Ultra rare and not Rare. Normal Netherworld could be a possibility if there is a new module but I don’ think enemies would drop some mechanical box.

it doesn’t always need to be a module to get items. It could be an item drop off a monster.

Maybe it drops drom crates? the crates in mine , im not sure

probably small chance to get from the box props in mines same as gold block but rarer probably

one more thing…
i saw it (leaker guy)
it do nothing

OPMIT didn’t give it to Drexus, he used it himself and failed the puzzle and then sent the screenshots over to Drexus. “Rare” rarity doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the same rarity as the other rare mining ingredients.

i saw discord lore and it said the monster dropped it

Hmmm interesting… time to get information about it.

What if it’s from secretbase which ended today?

To be honest, I doubt it’s from Secret Base, but I do not discard that option just yet.
I think the box is from the mines, and maybe it could be related to the statue that is at PIXELMINES, maybe?

I really think it was a secretbase boss prize, just like the Golden keys.

hmm is after finish get a piece of stone like fossil and graffiti?
but its need 6 to complete
dark and light stone :open_mouth:

Alright, I guess we will need more information about it. Let’s try next month with the Secret Base.
But for now I would suggest to keep trying the mines.

good idea, that might actually be it, the shapes and stuff and colours, has anyone tried to decode the letters?

ppls keep getting rn

photo from:games12

screenshot from:myself