How to get Deep Pixelian blood?

Is there another strange vial type of thing but in a deep mine module with invisible pressure plates and maybe buttons? Like the Flaming shard in the netherworld module but this time it’s Pixelmines?
What if there really is a strange vial but with Deep Pixelian blood? In the mines in a secret module.


Very interesting found.

Interesting indeed. The lore hunters are going to have that in consideration for future theories, once the developers reveal us more stuff related to it.


Just trying to help, but the word ‘’ Deep Pixelian blood ‘’ kinda sounds like The Blood Scroll?
the deep refers to deepnether and pixelian blood refers to blood scroll? really dont know.

this is unconfirmed, dont try ^

edit: try killing players at pvp becuse it refers to pixelian blood 'by killing a player? ‘’
i really dont know how to resolve it because ive never encountered this quest.

The bot is asking if you are related to “Deep Pixelains”.
So probably not a new blood vial, but just another race of pixelian in the lore.

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Let’s take a moment to think about how Pixelians might be organic beings if they have blood.
I always saw them as some kind of hologram or cloned entities because of the fact that they can phase in and out of places (going to different worlds) and the fact that death is not permanent.
They also don’t bleed when getting hurt.

As this quest is out in the wild already, there has to be a way to obtain it somehow. Very interesting. I think quest is somehow connected to mining, as it says "Nice, seems you know your way around underground. Underground as a mineworld? The quest’s title, “As above, so below” can mean what? Maybe something with mines aswell?

Yea, that can be the case too. Maybe the quest is, that you have to complete 3, 5, 10 deep nethers?

It didnt say how many times you will have to go, not possible.

Update 1.7

  • Pixelian now have bodies which take 6 hours to decompose every time a player dies/respawns

The quest is to leave mines 5 times.

bruh what, is that it?

As you can see, it turned out it was a quest including a specific quest, how many times you have to go to a mineworld. Never say never.

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