How to get wls?

help for a while i realize if any ppls in world trade was richer than me :joy: so thats why i made this topic
is it like trading?
cause i even have no wls untill now :joy:
oof i even never do fishing (even never)
everything i do just hangout and get gems thats how i got pjp and others stuff
i even never buying weapons and others with wls but with bc (price higher)
oof everything i do is getting legendary ._.
help how?!! :sob:

How u got stuff u already have?

I just trade, its quick, easy and certainly gives more wls than any other method(provided that you are not buying for a 1 wl profit)

I think i will make a Complete beginners guide to PW

Saddly there is really lack of newbies in the forums:p

If you’re never selling items, then how are you going to get world locks?

i sell item tho few months ago and i got scammed so everything i have just my set and other random stuff
and i stop selling items :joy:

You can’t get wls. They only way to get wls is to buy slaves from the world slave trade

Just kidding don’t take it seriously