How to have "ender chests" in PW

A while back I thought of a cool way to utilize an item to easily bring to other worlds - the bank bot!

It essentially serves as an ender chest, a cross dimensional chest. I use multiple bank bots in my farms to easily transfer spikebombs from point A to point B.


Such a simple idea but i never thought about it :sweat_smile:

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Just why have I never thought about thiss, that’s genius.

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Really cool but why? Nobody farms these days, it isn’t worth it unless you are crossbreeding but even then you don’t have so much to store away.

I do farm…

Am I weird? :s

Thing is I have a whole world just for the spike bombs, since when I do farm them, I mass-farm them. Which is why this is really helpful for me.

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Can you speak for yourself for once? It’s you who doesn’t farm these days. Also, have you never heard of an autofarm? The bank bot has plenty of space. This is also more inclined for people who have multiple farm worlds

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Yes, I am sad to inform you that farming spike bombs is really bad way to earn gems. The only positive thing about it is you are getting XP really fast.

Autofarms don’t exist anymore unless you are using macros which is illegal.

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Autofarms and flasks exist, and you can sell spikebombs. There’s no investment for farming whereas there is investment for fishing and mining. You with the name FarmMiner of all people should know that.

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Flasks don’t help and spike bombs are cheaper than soil blocks.

The old banana trick still works.

Well if you have one available.

Flasks don’t help? :rofl: bruh what are you on?
Your statement literally doesn’t disprove anything I said

Ok so I think I misunderstood something here.
What do you mean by that?

I love how this is still known about.

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Oh yes I’m well aware. But I have certain spike bomb quests, I have a clan to take care of which needs tons of XP and it also helps me with the requires gems I need if I need them quickly.

Other than that, I usually play on 2 accounts, I fish on one so farming blocks for gems is my best solution for the 2nd device.

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I’m with farmminer here
Youre super active so you probably have max level already so the xp from sb doesn’t help the argument.
The number gems you can get from spike bombs is just too low compared to fishing and mining.
If youre selling spike bombs at this point in time and at your level of wealth, idk what to tell you.

Oh and P.S. I did get all my bots from PWE for super cheap when they were in daily bonus, but if they existed when I was a noob I definitely would have gotten these. Saves a lot of time and energy for me.

It does help a lot if you own a clan or if your clan has certain XP requirements… or like I stated above if you play on 2 devices.

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I see neo fish a lot with titan superior, which can earn somebody 100k xp a day just by casual fishing