How to implement Music notes into Pixelworlds

hey so i had this idea for a while.
for custom music in pixelworlds or little jingles in worlds, we could have music notes on the wiring level.

Just attach a timer gate, a on switch and you can program your music like this!

And don’t worry about the music notes looking ugly in your world, they are on the wiring level, so only people with rights can see them :smiley:

you should be able to buy the music notes from the wiring section of the store.
what do you think about this?

Should music notes be implemented this way?
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I am noob at wiring.

2 Small Additions:

  1. There should a special BPM Timer, where you can set the BPM you want and then every beat it will be ON for half a beat.
  2. Rather than having specific gates for each note, I would suggest having a specific gate for each instrument, so that you can just wrench the Piano gate for example and set the note there. Makes it easier and cheaper to experiment.

Pretty good way you got there, love your design of it. :+1:

But i still think there are better ways, than placing blocks/props into your world to create Music Sounds for your World. :musical_note:

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**Maybe better is to make like this : **

Admins or people who design items could make a small piano, when you wrench it you could put a note but not play like in real piano but put a note by yourself like in FL Studio.


like this, you could add every note by your self, and also in up there could be a BPM - you could choose bpm you want to be.

also you can wrench piano to lever and click on lever and piano would play your melody.

Sorry I am bad at drawing with Pixels lol but I hope you got my point :smiley:

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