How to make a Life/Score counter using Wiring | The Joy of Wiring | Episode 2.1

In this episode of The Joy of Wiring, I will show you how to build a functional Life or Score counter in Pixel Worlds using Wiring! I hope you enjoy!

You might have seen me already make a post about this video previously. However, this actually is a revised version of the video, as I wasn’t satisfied with the original one, so I hope this doesn’t count as spam.


Mumbo Jumbo 2.0 Big brain time


Nice video, the mic quality is much better than the previous time. The demonstration with the backgrounds was quite good. I think maybe working on the length is something to consider though, it was quite long even considering the in depth descriptions. As an example, I suggest you check @BPup’s video (Pixel Worlds Weekly #2 - Weekly Summary Recap) where he did a pretty good job of making the video short and informative. Perhaps not as short, but hopefully you understand my point


I guess I have to figure out the best way to position my mic, since I am just using the one on my headset.
I also get your point of the video being rather long. I think my shoutout to Games12 and explaining that the video was a revision could’ve been moved to the video description. I also think there are some things I could’ve done a bit faster, however I am not sure if I can save much time with that.

I haven’t tried wiring much besides watching videos on how to do the basics. Will certainly consider trying this out one day.

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