How to make the right response to something - Celics

Since alot of people here aren’t so good at replying the right way, even me, sometimes I decided to make this tutorial or advice,

  1. Do things in a calm fashion, take a deep breath (if you are a bit angry or unhappy at the moment) to avoid your opinion being tainted with anger, it could result in something not rather what you wanted
  2. Think before you do, think about the consequences, think about you and the others around you, would it be a good thing to reply this way? Would it not?
  3. Gather information, to reply to something, you need information, when you have that information, make sure of it’s correctness, make sure it’s something of a fact, not a feeling, don’t pass up any information, every information is important, for example, I have already been taught to think before doing since on 1st grade, but only recently have I been using that advice more frequently, I was passing up the advice, I thought I was already doing that, when in reality I was just fooling myself.
  4. Make a meaning, the reply has to be meaningful and not so hostile in a way, for example some people say “shut up!” It is a way of expressing yourself, you want that person to silence themselves, maybe they are quite annoying, but of course this isn’t much right to begin with, instead, try saying why they are annoying, how not to be annoying, although, not everyone is there to accept your advice eventhough you’ve made your fair share of research and eventhough you’ve said it in the nicest way possible, you can ignore them, if dealing with them is just too hard for you, ignore them, feeding your anger isn’t really a good idea.
  5. Look through yourself, sometimes you feel you’re right, sometimes you feel you’re doing what’s right, but sometimes you need to try to look to yourself more thoroughly, a blind person can’t lead a blind person, this is needed so your reply isn’t a feeling but more of a fact.
  6. Admit of a wrong, apologize if your reply wasn’t taken very well by the other person, if it was somewhat offensive to them, although if your reply was right in all the ways, still apologize but add more reasoning as to why you replied that way, maybe they’ll finally understand.
Additional Advice

To gather information in the forums of course you need to read, that’s why sometimes you have to pick the right voice when reading it, you may mistaken what they actually meant by reading it in your mind using a voice that’s not so pleasing, for example you read in your mind a reply : “I’ve got to say, your art is a bit weird, but I can help.” with an angry or mocking tone, you’ve gotten angry, eventhough he just wanted to help, not to mock you in any way, it’s just being honest, try reading some replies in a calm or upbeat tone. Like this for example, Can YOU Fix Climate Change? - YouTube (Refer to the voice)

Hopefully this thread can help not just in the forums but in other situations on your life, take care!


Very nice essay, thumbs up hope it stops people from being rude.

Bumping this post up :arrow_up:

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This was quite useful advice and I probably could use a bit of it but I honestly don’t care about being polite to people who aren’t polite to me.

Nice guide.
I don’t reply to each thread i see nowadays, i check and read them though.

the best reply method is “ok”, works with everything :sunglasses: :+1:


Also about the thing you said instead of saying shut up explain to them why they are annoying.

I already told ondrashek why he was annoying at least 30 times not even being sarcastic.

If that’s the case, this part of the advice would help


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Another thing is if the person starts babbling nonsense, does not listen to your points, or says stuff that has nothing to do with what you guys are talking about, then just stop the argument and do not respond anymore. Because that person is starting an irrational argument that is not worth it anymore (I learned this from experience)