How to mining under 5-6 minutes

I am still new in mining and my average time mine at lvl 3 mine is 9-10 minutes. if theres experienced miner here. can you tell me some tips on how to mining under 5-6 minutes on lvl 3 mine. already have jetpack and epic pickaxe.

Did you try practicing with the other mines aswell?

5-6min? I can do a mine in less than 4min xD

The tip is just to put the zoom to minimum so you get a large vision and just rush and don’t stop to kill enemies.

On pc i put the resolution to 1360x768 and i get a zoom like this

On mobile i even have plugins that allows me to change the Game mode between battery saver, best quality etc

And in custom mode, i have to put the graphics quality to 70% to get a large zoom, i usually play in max fps mode and get this zoom

Have a jetpack and a epic will help a lot to be fast, but to be faster, you need to keep the zoom to minimum :wink:

(I will surely add my gameplay to show you how i play later to help you)

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4 min? what da :hushed:. can you tell me which direction i need to go when mining. is it left to right or dig down and up or smth like that

please xD

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Here you go

When i record with OBS, my game run at like 40fps, it’s a bit laggy… but still under 4min i almost managed to collect 40 nuggets, normally I’m a bit more effective when i don’t have FPS lag…

The strategy is to rush, stop to kill enemies when there is a lot that chase you and put you zoom to minimum, having a good armor and a jetpack will help a lot.

Something i do is play with a timer and when it’s been 3min I’m mining, i mainly dig down. I usually end the mine with around 40 nuggets collected and like 10-13 gemstones broken.
Soooo sometimes, I’m even able to do up to 15 mines in an hour! (You really need to be motivated for that because it’s a huge effort)

i see. so the 4 min is not for fully completed mine. can you reach under 5 min for a complete mine?

Not sure… probably i guess but this won’t be a 100% completed mine.

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Rich :open_mouth:

The triple jump wing :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

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