How to profit? By trading

Do u guys know how to profit?can u tell some tips to profit?

do mines. or farm…

Ik this way i need by trading but thank for tips

trading is risky, but its your choice so. alright then.

You don’t need to make an entire topic when you can read an already existing one :nauseated_face:

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this is why i made my complete guide…
50! posts

well its pretty simple study prices buy low never hts items sell high

I want a topic about pro profit, how to profit like a pro.

Yup!!! Nice point :slight_smile:

It’s something you have to learn yourself. Professional traders won’t share their secrets. There’s no stopping anyone from using that secret after all. You have to try out things, take risks, learn after you’ve done three or four, and improve. Things that get shared are either already well-known or will be well-known in just several days and won’t help you at all.

There really is no secret, just buy low sell high, some players ( when their rich enough) can manipulate the market, i wouldn’t suggest this as it would make you VERY unpopular with people + nobody will trust pwe, making the thing pointless.

Buy low sell high. Thats literally it

find opportunities, but for every opportunity, there is a cost remember, there is also a risk, be prepared for the risk and you will profit, you won’t be able to profit without risk, Its such a simple thing, yet people cant seem to understand it, to profit you need to DO it to teach yourself about it, find opportunities and go for them