How to ruin PW - the quick and easy way

After ruining PW by letting the economy collapse, 90% of the team leaving, and bugs that the devs have literally admitted that they’re too lazy to fix, it seems that they’re trying to ruin PW.

But this way is slow and inefficient. Here are quick and easy ways to ruin PW:

  • Make it a paid subscription service. $3/month just for access to PW!
  • Require everyone to submit both their government-issued ID and a 3D scan of their face to make people able to play. This will make the playerbase drop really quickly, and you’ll be able to make sweet money by selling that data from the few idiots that actually submit it.
  • Require registration keys to register. This will limit flow of new users and as such the game will die quickly.
  • Add a battlepass. This will show that Kukouri is just hopping on the latest trend in order to get a quick buck. Make sure to put not 2, but 3 tiers of it into the game and make tier 3 very expensive.
  • Add stardust, a currency only obtainable by paying, not in any other way. Then make stuff such as dark pixies available by buying with stardust, this will surely ruin the economy even more.
  • Add NFTs. People will hate them so much that they’ll do a boycott, and then outright state that they won’t be removed in response to the backlash.

Well, that’s enough. But you get the idea. There’s no enjoyment in playing PW anymore, you just grind for BC in the mines and hope that the BC you get isn’t poisoned so you don’t get a ban. There’s no new content to get excited for as there’s literally one community manager and one developer. And people post so many good ideas for updates in the forums but NONE OF THEM make it into the game.

as far as i know, siskea is unable to add community items in the game because there is a need for graphic designers to redesign them

Idk, QWU makes some rly good ones, don’t even need any redesigning.

but when jake did a pw livestream on his channel few days ago he was surprised there are no community items and said they are really easy to do

Or… Just shutdown the servers permanently


Or… Give me 78 Septillion byte coins :relaxed:.

It stardustin time
Who would pay 3$ a month for pixel worlds. Wasn’t this model abandoned like 20 years ago?

Ondra speedrunning to make his 400th negative post that has a screenshot of another game, talking about bans or networks

Remember Facebook games? I used to play Happy Aquarium there a lot, but then they just decided that instead of making new updates, they’re gonna let it rot and die by adding a $5/month paywall to access the game at all.

And then, in 2021, they decided to shut it down permanently.