How was your Christmas?

:snowflake: Merry Christmas! :gift:

  • How was your Christmas?

  • Did you get any useful gifts, that you could use this year?

One of the biggest gifts i got this year was a Full Motion Wall Mount, that could hold up to a 70" Inches Flatscreen TV.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! :wink:


Sadly this year I don’t have the xmas spirit , nor last year.
Got no gifts in real life nor in game.

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That’s sad to hear, hope for the better next year for you.


sadly i see no fireworks, the streets’ so silent. used to be noisy last year.
my xmas gift is the food i eat.

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Well here you first allowed to use Firework 27 December.

while we have a firework ban here. so sad. so sad.

Hopefully 2021 will be better.

2020 is just a trailer, as if the virus has evolved in uk. - will 2021 be ok?

i mean yea lets pray for the best.

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Same here mate. This year’s Christmas just feels like another ordinary day of 2020…

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Got clothes, perfume and lots of chocolate.

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Seems like a pretty ordinary day due to the pandemic. Don’t really feel like a celebration when most of your time is staying at home.

Got half working headphones which are completely new and already breaking

Well my friend PokeThies got a new Cabinet, which looked like this when he got it:

The cristmas passed here by exchanging gifts with brother and going to sleep early. I received a microphone so we could chat and play something.
Haven’t done anything too much else as we don’t celebrate cristmas besides mentioned gift exchange. Although I’ve received a bigger wage than usual so I suppose that also counts as a gift.
Hope everyone has good holidays.

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Wait, you guys got gifts?

Yea, didn’t you aswell get some?

I got a early Christmas gift in November which was a digital drawing tablet thingy, I use it a lot. Always wanted to get it.

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I received the gift of time and appreciation and that’s the greatest gift I received cheers y’all .

That sounds like a really awesome gift! :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh what the hell isn’t it supposed to be covered in something to protect it?