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How will i know if i am really buying the exact amout of gems im finding with.

ex. player sells alot of gemstones but i dont know how mny gems is it in total or is the owner really legit selling it.

my friends warn me not to buy gems because they’ve bought like 100k gems just to get 78k gems or so. i know i have to connect with a gem calculator but what if im in the world and the owner wants me to hurry up or ban nor if someone is already taking a offer.

thanks in advanced for replying ~

To be fair, if they want you to hurry and threatens to ban you, don’t buy it. They’re probably trying to scam you, and even if they aren’t, they don’t deserve to make a sale anyway.

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Yeah don’t buy it if the owner is trying to rush you.
Just take the time to calculate and then buy.
If they want you to be rushed then they might be trying to scam you.

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Yeah, don’t even buy it, if people rush.

  • Huge chance of people scamming you!

Persionally I don’t like, when people want me to rush a trade.

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There’s no need to buy from someone who is giving you such attitude when you’re potentially providing income for their goods. Take your time! Use the calculator to your advantage and for your own well being. Buying gems should not be a frightening experience, just be careful and precise!

Also if the case that you described happens, just keep in mind that there’s an ABUNDANCE of gem sellers every minute of the game. They don’t respect you? You can easily do a full 180 and find another seller who will.

Good luck!

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Use the pixel worlds tool.

Personally, I’d usually use PW Tools or some PW gem website to count the gems.

It’s best to find an owner who is patient, the “Take your Time” type. If he’s like “FAST TRADE or BAN”, just leave him be. He’s most likely trying to scam you.

This world is just a vision anyways, you’ll be judged of your acts by the end of your life. Why sin, over some pixels?

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