Howdy ho!

What’s crackalackin’ fellow forumers?

So, I’ve been incredibly uninspired and bored to death lately, so I thought I could use you guys to my advantage and start some kind of conversation here. Also, I shamefully abandoned the forums just a few days in, so in efforts to revive my interest in the forums, I wanna try interacting with people.

Share a funny story with me, tell an interesting fact, link your favourite songs, show me some memes. Anything and everything.

I shall start by sharing this beautiful story with you guys:


I really hope you didn’t see this before, fingers crossed, here ya go.
This one is funny

This one is shocking

And just read the comments of this one

Have a nice day, also I have never heard the word crackalackin’ in my entire life

interesting fact: 1/4 of the world’s population is infected with tuberculosis.

have you never seen madagascar???

I don’t have interesting story so here is funy mem

I had not seen that one before and oh lord is that cursed

Lmao some of them absolutely killed me XD

Glad to be your first :wink: But kind of a wth moment, I hear it being used all the time.

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

Huh. I must be uncultured I suppose.

Dont have memes or such, but i am here to say welcome back to the forums.
heres a cookie —> :cookie:

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I appreciate the cookie. Thank you, kind sir.

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This truly says a lot about society


OoO… Jedi