How's everyone?

So…I’m not playing PW anymore, and I forgot to log on the forums for quite some time. How’s everyone? Having a good or bad day? Have you accomplished anything? What noteworthy thing have you experienced? I’m curious, fellow Pixelians.


Err I’m great …

But I gotta say if you don’t play the game then you ain’t a pixelian! Only saying

We need more returnees in the game … Actually i know of 3 recent players now back in playing - cool me thinks

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Yooo hi Laris! I’m doing pretty good.

I had a work practice a few weeks ago that kinda got in the way of my other studies so now I still have all the work from the past month to do :grimacing:.

Other than that, I’m doing pretty decent.

Guten day, I accomplished 60/100 in my Chinese test which is pretty surprising and unsurprising

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if you’re asian but don’t live in asia, then you ain’t asian! only saying

same logic lol

Buuut being born Asian, WILL make you Asian.
As the Census Bureau tells, “a person having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, or the Indian subcontinent, ETC. are considered Asian.”


Same thing

actually… SAME!!1
dont know what happening right now

still in school. cant wait to come back to the community and the game

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