How's winter/spring in your country?

Soo post your pictures about your winter here, could be Nice to see them :wink:
Here’s mines:

Here’s 2 pictures of our cutest dog :dog:

Its lake where ill go swimming everyday on Summer.
Share your winter pictures below :wink:


I Don’t have snow :frowning:
And the air is pretty much carbon dioxide :frowning_face:

the dog is cute yes
but we dont celebrate snow

What do u mean “celebrating”?

oh, i mean. we have rainfalls. so basically i dont celebrate snow except at my fridge.

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I do not have any pictures to show because winter is pretty much over. Snow outside has already melted and all we have for now is rain and strong wind.

How’s winter in my country? Well, it barely snows where I live. When it’s winter, the temperature tends to decrease at such point where the water freezes, but it doesn’t snow. It’s also very cloudy lol.

I don’t know what type of calendar you use, but my calendar tells me that it is the 8th of March, which is spring.

Maybe someone still has winter lol… Who knows :wink:

I had a nice soft snow like urs but melted :frowning: but now I have kinda spring fresh air :slight_smile:

same i think this is an old picture.

communist winter
(i think this is the only picture of snow I’ve taken this winter)

i also found this pic from 2 years ago


tho I can sent u my old pic I took before it melt

Neutral winter


no winter in my country btw

thats my dog when we take her to the beach. We dont get snow,

It doesn’t snow here.

Welcome to the forums, Vex! :smiley:

I don’t have summer, winter, autumn or spring where I live. lol.

tbh, because of this, I don’t really know my seasons. Like I know what happens in these seasons but idk when they happen.