I agree with this

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I always thought about this :
Deleting your account would : trigger a cutscene of the reflection of your soul being shattered , while the cutscene plays you have around 15 seconds to decide to turn back ot just let the process continue. Once your account is deleted ALL of your locks will decay {But will not display your name / have an owner} , your items and currency will be deleted aswell and your name will become un-registered after 6 months after the account was deleted ( player info would show if account was deleted and how many times it was deleted ) also , the person will be removed from friends list.
What do you think about this guys?!


Ngl this is too much but yea, i like the other things.

Might be a cool idea for people who just want to disappear from the community / the game.

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But it would be epic , wouldn’t it ? :^)

Ngl you are too addicted to the lore lol

Sounds like lore from miles away

Think about it , in the start your reflection is created , in the end it will be destroyed!
It makes sense and sounds awesome :sunglasses:

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