I am a newbie!

Any tips for a noob like me!

Depends what you’ll like to do.

If you wanna do some profit, i do recommend try mines or fishing to chill and profit in a passive way :wink:

If you joined the game recently, i also recommend you to try out features like jetrace and some other things, basically try the different features across the game :wink:

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Ey whats up man, I recently started helping players. So try mining. Go to pixelmines, grab your free pickaxe, and try to get 30 bronze nuggets in level 1. 100 nuggets= 1 key, try to get enough keys to sell for 1k byte

Thanks (20 character)

So chicken nuggets makes keys?

Ore nuggets but yes you got the point

Chicken nuggets, and ore nuggets are different, oh yeah

here some tips:

  • if you want to get many gems, i recommended to start mining or do nether, if mining get some ores and sell it, if nether kill monsters and get every chest prize, then break the nether crystals

I got a company called “PotatoCrystals”. We collect stuff from nether, break the nether crystals and sell others. I saw some flamy crystal looking thing once I was in the nether and some guy Sayed it was Flame Shard.

Yeah it was definitely a flame shard

And well nether isn’t the best way to profit but to be honest I used to do it too since mining was just too boring imo

It depends on what you are trying to achieve. At the moment, mining seems to be the most profitable thing to do, even for beginners. I prefer fishing as I do need to multitask due to the shortage of time because of college.