I am new and i want to know how farming works in pw

I want to know how agriculture works in pw why do I see a lot of people talking about it

Dude there is such a long answer to this , but in short

There are a ready available group of seeds called core seeds or tier 1. You can buy them , and the shop sells a basic seed pack… also find them in blocks from a new world

When planted they grow to produce trees which carry the item …

These are everything from clothes to machines

When the tree is broken it will drop said item or numbers of it depending on what it is …

A soil block tree might give you 10 blocks of soil where as mannequin tree won’t drop more than 2, usually 1.

On breaking the tree it might also return a seed , again the seed yield varies from item to item , some are very rare

Once said seeds are in your inventory they can be either replanted to grow more items or mixed to produce a different item in a higher tier level.

Note: seeds only cross breed with certain others, NOT all

Obviously breaking the item or block can also produce seeds. Again some have a high seed yield others not

That is where farming comes in. If it’s a farmable item it means if you break every block/item, and all the blocks/items that are additionally dropped then your seed count will increase … … Some are not

As you you up through the tiers you’ll realize the need for seeds from unfarmables … basically you sacrifice a lot of blocks/items to get the seeds you need

Of course you can just buy seeds assuming you can find them… an expensive past time. I never buy tiered seeds. Only ever a few alien planet ones. Just a waste of money

Other things to note there are plenty of seeds from outside the tier or cross breed system . Quite a few booster items bear seeds, as do several black tower items
These can also be both farmable or not depending on what they are.
If you are one of the “come quick, come fast” crowd then farming probably isn’t for you. … its not unusual for something to take a week to grow …

I’m growing uranium blocks at moment nearly 14days ! Yes growth potions exist, but they are nonsense if growing 100 trees of something

Good luck

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Some items ( not all) can be made by splicing seeds. There are normal seeds you can start with. There are 10 tiers. Different seeds grow for different periods of time. You can boost the growth with fertilizers.
When the seeds grow into trees they drop items randomly

That’s not strictly correct. It’s somewhat more complex

But, when broken, the trees drop within the parameters each is programmed with

Examples would be a portal tree will never give you 10 portals but a soil block tree might give you 10 soil blocks

Also some trees (items) are not farmable without the perk to increase the dropped block percentage. You will simply ‘burn’ all blocks if you try without - wooden barrels springs to mind because they gave me a hard time farming them…

One other problem I’ve faced is not having enough to start with even for so say farmable blocks … I lost all 7 of my martian soil trees trying to farm them! I’ve just bought 10 seeds, hopefully this time… (these are not in the tier system). I had a big problem farming fire traps because I didn’t start with enough…

Oh whilst I’m here some items will give you low block drop but high seed count others it’s the other way round …
A very good example is metal blocks. A nightmare to farm because they have a modest seed return but drop a lot of blocks which you have to break to get the seeds you need and they are one of the hardest blocks in the game … Defo breaking potion time if doing a lot!

You will also find a number of blocks are crucial to progressing the above example is one for sure

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Huge props to you for writing such a long post to support new players, bless you.

Yeah it’s long winded but how else . Pass on the info i say it’s a forum ffs

See you all in Nether (or wherever) :grin:

I don’t have the tools nor time for decent videos.

You can always ask me, I’ll try and help… …

If you want to buy a farm i have loads of them, all budgets from simple blocks to lots of build time put in.

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