I am not happy

I know this has probably been discussed about long ago since these new forums came out, but I’m not impressed that the old forums was completely wiped. I was active on old forums 24/7, like literally every day. I logged in to check what people were talking about every chance I could. I was active with talking to people all the time. But one day I just suddenly left pixel worlds. I completely quit the game in a single day, but to return 2 years to find the original forums is gone is extremely depressing. Obviously I can’t do anything about it, but I definitely believe a mistake has been made. The forums should of been updated as it is now, but with all previous forum posts and accounts from the previous forum data kept. It’s not the same. I’m extremely disappointed with this decision, but as a basic generic player, there’s nothing I can do. So hello to everybody now in this new refreshed forum. I’m happy to be back, but not happy to see that a lot of history has been wiped out of existence. I saw neoslayers’ post which has a similar concept to mine, being that the old forums should of been transferred over, and I 100% agree. So with that all being said, It’s time to see what’s happening on these new forums, and I’m happy it’s still alive, and hopefully more active then the last forums. Thanks guys for reading.


welcome back @G0D

20 frickin characters

It sucks that it was all deleted, I agree with you there. This is a good chance to make new memories though :grin:


Same as what The_Governor said, it sucks that the old forums was deleted, I haven’t actually experiienced the old forums, but it must have sucked that all things are deleted and lost to our memories, but why not also make new memories? You can also meet with the veteran forumers aswell as new ones like me

Because the old forums were great. I was on everyday

Welcome back to hell.

Shut up beta stop being “depressed”. Snap back to reality

I just came back and this is how I get welcomed.
at least I am right about brainless community (or at least some are brainless)

Use the wayback machine to read the forums


I totally agree. I was not on the old forums but the “history being erased” concept you have, I agree. It is better if they just transferred it here.

I think the devs tried to get the data here, they did there best but unfortunately they couldn’t do that.

God doesnt like what he sees oh no

What Greenwollfe was saying is (In a more nicer way)
is, he’s trying to tell you that you’re too pessimistic, you should see the reality, reality is sometimes depressing I don’t like to sound like I’m some sort of a parent in a superhero movie but… why not make reality better? You could move on and spread your optimism around, I mean, would you like to see a world were everyone is depressed?

Don’t address the forums as “Hell” we both know that some of us aren’t really the best, but “hell” is too much, after all, we here in the forums try our best not to sound like “hell”

We just didn’t like how pessimistic you are, most of us here in the forums speak the truth (Which is sometimes depressing) but when something is good&right as it is, we speak our opinions optimistically. If you were to atleast try to be optimistic, we wouldn’t see why we shouldn’t welcome you pleasantly :slight_smile:

My thread I made a few days ago goes over this as well. The devs basically neglect us all the time.

EDIT: Oh you mentioned it
here’s the link if you haven’t seen it

I’m pretty sure you were online on the forums one week ago so shut up.


Search up.
Stop starting drama :slight_smile:

Stop being the source of it.

Aw , baby boy , aren’t u going to sleep?

My point proven.

Also, time zones exist :clown_face: