I am sorry for what I (May) have started

Key word: May

I don’t really know if this could have influenced the idea of ghost scamming and made others create hacks for this but i will tell this as it was.

So last year, maybe towards june and july, I found 2 bugs, one of them patchable and the other one unpatchable.

This unpatchable bug basically “teleports” you, I wont say how but Dev told me it couldn’t be fixed.
This glitch let you move to where you want while showing up as standing still on anothers screen.

While i was doing this some other people came in the world and saw what i was doing, i don’t really think they would use it but it may have gone two by two from the mouths of honest players to the dishonest ones, then ended up on the dinner plate of a good coder/hacker If you have ever been scammed like this i do have to say I MIGHT have to apologise for this.

TLDR: Found bug, unpatchable, people talk poof someone made hack for it(all is maybe remember MYBE).


What does Desti mean by Unpatchable, and why is it that way? Does it cause more technical problems if its patched or ??

i doubt it was your fault tbh someone else probs found it

This is why talking about exploits in the forums is forbidden. If you found for example an unlimited gems glitch, it wouldn’t make sense to go announce it on forums “Hey guys look what I found! This is how you get unlimited gems! Please fix!” Even when you have good intentions, sometimes it just makes more sense to send a support email about a bug instead of writing a forum post.

imo no need to apologize because you didn’t realease it publicly tho

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I can’t recall saying any exploit like this can’t be fixed. @Desti please PM me with the details.

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It was the one I showed you in Junkyard

You can’t do anything about it. at all. But It doesn’t work every time.

well i didn’t say HOW to do it did i? I just said there was a exploit, never said how to do it.