I applied for Miscord Mod!

Maintenance is really boring so why not I applied for Discord Mod It only took me 2-3 hours I did my best I wanna become an in-game mod but I’m not ready for it.

U mean in game mod for pixel worlds right?
Cuz i think they dont need mod anymore

theres not alot of discord mod

Well thanks for announcing it here I guess?

Also your English is uhhhh… Not good, in my eyes.

Not everyone’s first language is English, and what do you mean “in your eyes”??

If the grammar is wrong it’s wrong it’s not your personal opinion.

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by ‘‘in my eyes’’ he meant ‘‘what i think about’’ or ‘‘what i see about your english’’ it is his personal opinion to your english not being good. i dont mean to offend anyone i just wanted to explain

Oh cool! Miscord mod!

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mmm my fav app miscord

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Personal opinion of English being good or not?? :joy::sob:

Bruh if the grammar is bad it’s bad, what’s there for a personal opinion??

i did not use proper english in the post xd

mipcord the best gaming chatting app

Mopcord is the bestest. Change my mind.

Man I’m a huge Miscord fan, glad to see it getting the love it deserves

wishing you the best of luck in becoming a Miscord Mod :heart_eyes::v::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart::star_struck::flushed::scream:

Good luck!

omg so much luck power from this reply​:scream_cat::scream_cat::pray::pray: