I calculated ONLINE players in Pixel Worlds

This was total GT online players in 2016: Windows is only 15% which was 7762.
https ://imgur. com/a/FfOd0jq (delete spaces to enter link)

You can see how many online players are there on steam and it’s around 350-400 for Pixel Worlds
https :// imgur. com/a/8EOWIKN (delete spaces to enter link)

When we do the calculations, Pixel World’s has 2700-3000 online players at peak hours, and only 600 online players on lowest time of the day.

Soo the whole day is the lowest time?

Here are the images for the curious ones.

android are crazy, i thought everyone used windows lol

I use android about 8 hours a day and pc less than 2 hours. I haven’t turned on my pc in a week.

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I’m similar

Hardly use a PC…

Almost never steam. For me the steam account is way too buggy…

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