I can't play Minecraft anymore

They now locked my account and won’t let me login unless I merge it. I am not merging it.



One more “ok.” and you get reported for spam.



You do you.

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Ondra we know that you’re looking for non-spam replies. But what do you expect if all you post is stuff that doesn’t work for discussions? We can’t really post anything other than an “ok”.

How many different platforms can one person be blacklisted from? I feel like there’s a simple solution here.

Use tlauncher brother.


You have an incredibly special ability to ban yourself from every platform you touch. How do you prevent this? Simple. Just follow the rules, even if you think it’s outlandish. You shouldn’t try to stand your ground as that stuff doesn’t work in this world, unfortunately. Why else would you be banned/warned/temp-banned on Pixel Worlds, Discord, Minecraft, Scratch, etc etc…it’s because you tried to stand your ground. Sorry


May I ask why? It better not be about your social security theories again…

You’re the one talking…

It’s nice to se Ondrashek still being good ol’ Ondrashek

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irrelevant, replies are not relevant too;

Sorry to say, but merging the accounts is essentially your only option if you wish to continue using it.

Wasn’t this thread locked? @SEAF