I completed a entire nether by dealing 1 damage

It’s took me 2hrs and I’m proud of it.
Even tho it have an unexpected ending…



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I had one for this

imagine having good internet

I have no idea how to edit or optimize the recording so I just recorded our discord call and its laggy lol

Me and my friends beat nether in like an hour

We almost beat secret base and it took us like 4 hours to get to the 4th module

Me and @VLADIMIRWarrior were gonna do this for secrebase but we suck lol

Yes and the worst part is that if you do it with less than 3 people then it is pure hell

My goal was to do it alone

4hrs? Hmm… Ima try and see

We used over 100 potions lol

Oof… well i tried secret base and unfortunately I ended crashing after approximately 2hrs like in nether and i wasn’t half done
Ima try again tomorrow with my alt with me…

Oof… with my first try i only used like 4 and was almost half done before get kicked out

YOOOO! what a pog video, goodjob.

I would PAY you to kill the boss with duster, you don’t need do the rest, just kill the boss with it

Now this… This is what PW youtube should be

Ima do the same with other things!

Really cool content! you should continue.

OWO of course I’ll do!
Now I’m currently preparing the first part of my road to Spier man legs aka Joro legs
Ima try with other stuff that i won’t reveal now :wink:

Wow! It’s a shame you disconnected, but great effort and I’d say it still counts. Nice Minecraft music by the way.

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I like this video :smiley: