I did a slo-mo nether (nether with slo-mo shoes)

Heya!!! Looks like i love to do stuff that takes ages to do X)

Soooo i decided to do a slow-mo nether (nether with slo-mo shoes)

I almost completed the nether fully while wearing these shoes (there was 2 enemies left and i didn’t killed them because i was about to die and didn’t wanted to take the risk to lose my last life to kill them.)

[at 6:13 it’s the last moment on the video where i checked the stats of the nether, i took a screenshot of the video because it’s only appear for 0.2sec so it’s hard to see and you can see that there is 2 enemies left, this was taken before i got to the module where there was the 2 last monsters]

Video link here :

Hope you enjoy!


done that too.
not too hard.
did a challenge with bare hands and slo mo once too

Ok but did you made a video about it and uploaded it to youtube?



I moon walk with slow-shoes!