I did it!

I didn’t slept for 18 hours!
My eyes now very dry and my heart may fail
anytime soon. Such an achievement for me

Better you die cool instead dying commonly and lamely. No, not planning to die


also nice flex but I’m sure that well well well
18 hours is not too much
I mean well step by step I guess…
well congrats anyway

Hoho its 19 now! (20 characters)

congratulations my guy
when you make it to around 3 days come back

rookie numbers

Impossible, i only can for over 6 hours at the night, this is insane, better sleep or you gonna :dizzy_face:

there has been nights when i didn’t sleep, but day after that i always have HUGE headache and yeah, trying to avoid stuff like that now.

It’s not any usual kind of measuring contest,
this is a life expectancy measuring contest.

pretty sure after 17 or 18 hours of no sleep you might as well be drunk because your brain function is impaired.

Really makes you wonder how many previous times he’s went on these forums while having not slept for 18 hours straight

i don’t think he’s ever slept


I failed at hour 27 how sad :frowning:

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