I didnt found something very interesting

Hello guys! I found something really interesting… Picture below:

Share ur thoughts about this below!
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This is his new home

He’s a turtle this is why

I don’t see what is interesting about this

Maybe its future update?people have suggested boat race idea after jetrace released

if it was a furture world it would be locked by a dev.

Blackwight is a mod though
As elijah as said, it is most likely that worlds like that would be locked by devs and not mods as mods are still players

Huh,i think u right;/

Tbh a boat race wouldn’t be all that fun or even make sense

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umm, this world doesent really mean that boatraces are coming if thats what you think.
Blackwight is just a mod. Admins are the ones who create updates so any future official world would be locked by an admin.

plus like Oliver said, boat race would be pretty boring. its like a flying mount that can’t fly.

I just found that world open and why didn’t I lock it since the name is interesting :sweat_smile:

Good for you then xD

Let’s race together at BOATRACE

its somehow fascinating

It is somehow wearisome

its somehow interesting