I Don't Think Some Forumers Are Above the Age Requirment

Age Requirment

13+ (If I’m not wrong)

Why did I suspect this?

I’m not talking about people who can’t speak English too well, but probably from the content of their replies and posts (That still doesn’t include grammar)

What should you do?

Just don’t make replies/posts, or simply, don’t use the forums till you meet the age requirment

Why should you do that?

Some kids, whether they realized it or not, are not mature, some kids can’t take criticism, some kids can’t control their anger, some kids can’t make topics/replies that they’ve actually thought out before.

Take me for an example

I personally was a kid before ofc, and I didn’t realized how reckless I was before, but I know every person has their one traits and differences, but… better safe than sorry right?

Also, read

Note : I’m not mini - modding (Or whatever they call it)

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It’s not just a kid that can’t control anger, some adults too, I don’t really see kids come to the forum unless you think they’re kids now that is another different story.

I don’t think this post is necessary at all because I don’t really know what your point is except… I don’t really know lol.

That’s right

I said (In the post)

I think most of us already require that (13+), in that case, I don’t really see the point of this at all.

How can you be so sure?

Still, there are plenty of people that aren’t 13 or above, and make some really weird topics.

U need to create an account, go to pixelworldgame.com and for 13 years old me that way to hard.

Wdym by “It’s way too hard” ?

Creating an account in pixelworldsgame.com which is requires email and doing verification.

That;s not hard at all (Atleast, to me)

Are you saying it as 13 years old?

That’s super easy. Nowadays every platform has the email verification, don’t see why its sooooooo hard lol

I can’t quite understand, are you asking if I have the point of view of a 13 year old?

How you know it’s easy to make an account as a 13 years old? Are you 13? Me as 13 years I think it’s imposible.

Because I am 13 years old ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Edit : Wait did you believe me?


Oh oke here we are lol, you kinda get my point right? most or all of us probably more than 13.

Edit: Nope lol I know you joking.

Like 13 years old after reading your threat be like: yep bye guys we out


This post is not necessary at all lol

Nah bro, some people can actually be less than 13 years old, you can’t actually verify it, nor do I. But still… We have about 1000 forumers (Active/Non-active) so how can you actually know that they are 13+?

Maybe, stubborness (idk the word) are very common everywhere

They not gonna leave anyway.
I still can’t imagine having an email while 13.

Bernard and me: :moyai: