I downloaded PW on my Android TV (my best post)

Pt. 1

Today i try to download PW on my android TV.
I go to the play store and there is no pw on it, so i go to my APK istaller and i found Pixel Worlds APK.
Next i downloaded it and i have downloaded it, and the app opens, but im stuck in the privacy menu due to the fact that i dont use a controller.

Wait for when i have a controller

If it works OOOF

Here’s all apps i downloaded WITHOUT a console (proof)


“Road to 1PL with Android TV [GONE WRONG I CAN’T MOVE]”


Road to dirt block is a hard quest for tv xD

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Road to… [Think of something funny Code!] Uhh err…
Road to existence!

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hahaha- wait it was a joke?