I feel like the bytecoin store is going to significantly damage the economy

Adding new items into the bytecoin store is fine, but if you add items that already exist, you’re setting the maximum price others can sell it for, because if it’s more, then noone will buy it from them.

This, in turn, causes others to lose bytes because if they were planning to sell it for more, they will now be unable to.

For example retnos’ suggestion was to add green glowing rule, 50 for 500 bytes, mentioning that the price at the moment is 20 bytes each.

This is going to make lureshops lose bytes because they’ll be forced to drop their prices.

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I feel like there already is a significant loss of bytes in the economy

Well one of the main reason why i suggested to add this is because i spend like 5-10hrs per day and i can barely find at least 1 lure shop PER DAY with at least some gglow lures and i can hardly find cheap one in pwe…

Orders exist, I’ve gotten over 20k cheap lures with it.

I do that as well. But mine don’t get fufilled…

Was that supposed to be an arguement for or against?

I agree with this, It would have been better to add a second payment option but no, the devs didnt listen and now its not very good innit?

Well it depends how we do it. If we do not add limited items and always add them a bit more expensive into the BCS than they normally would be then there should not be any real effect into the economy.

Having less bytecoins in the game is actually a good thing for the economy as it prevents inflation.

But this said I will follow the situation all the time to make sure this will not be a negative effect to the economy. If it’s positive then… let’s do more!!! :smiley:


Ah, like sales of the entire PAST YEAR!