I finally edited it 😅

So few months ago I’ve made some videos with the Pixel Worlds community, but I knew that editing those videos were going to take ages, so I was a bit lazy about editing those videos :sweat_smile:

But hey, I finally edited it. Creating a video like this actually made me happy, I think for the first time, I wasn’t serious about something on my video, so we were chilling when we recorded it.

Also special thanks to ionas for helping me with it.

Here is the video:

I got 2 more videos like this on a way, if you guys enjoy it, I’ll be making more videos like this.


Another way of flexing your byte coins, lowkey lol.

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Is it even legal to use a YouTuber’s name in order to get audience? :v

Al ot of people are doing that, it probably is :sweat_smile:

Every click-baity “youtubers”, like collabing without asking