I forgot my acount pass

Hello 2 days ago I played pixel Worlds and I thought someone is trying to log in becouse I disconnected many times and I changed my pass yesterday I saw that is clever event I updated game and saw that I need to put my password again and I been forgotten it on my account is Gmail but I forgot to verify I don’t know what to do pls mods/admins help recovery my email in to other email.

You simply cannot get yout account back unless you made a purchase. Though a bummer, you should’ve followed what the game told you to do.

I did bought pack where I got amber wings and 25000 gems I think I bought for 2.19 or 2.29 pls help get acount back I have got items 400k bc + worth

And BTW if it is a little chance to get acount back my nick x_man_x

Well, then I’m pretty sure you can contact the support team and provide them with specific purchase details to get your account back. Just briefly explain that you forgot your password, and didn’t have an email attached to it but made a purchase on the account, they should explain the further details in the response.

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I will try thanks man

I contacted but I got automated response idk what to do man((( If you have LOST YOUR ACCOUNT (forgot password or recovery email) and have not set up recovery email, we cannot unfortunately help you.)))) There’s been many other things but this is just automated message I can’t just lose 400k+ worth items

Man now I got it ca
n u guys just change my email I puted I letter wrong now becouse of that I can’t change my pass

I putted arnoldas.vaikasas@raudenail.lt I needed to put arnoldas.vaikasas@raudenai.lt I puted 1 wrong letter and now I can’t change can u guys just change recovery email to this (. arvaikasas@gmail.com .) thanks guys if u can help I be very thank

It can take few days for support to answer. Like @AKPW mentionned, if you explain that you forgot your password but made an IAP, you should provide the IAP (In-App Purchase) reciept to support and i’m sure they’ll reach you back to get your account back.

Oh and, no need to make multiple threads about the same thing :wink:

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Thanks sorry about that good night :relaxed: