I found a glitched tree but made a horrible mistake

Found a glitched tree (was super excited)

I seriously hate myself. Are you ******** kidding me!?
Basically I respawned and I pressed S to break a block next to me while holding D because I assumed my character would turn around first and then break the block not break the tree and never turn around.

The tree isn’t actually worth that much (only like 20 wls) but I don’t care. How many of these trees exist in the game? Not many. And I just broke it. I’m NEVER going to find this tree again.


That’s a big rest in peace but all of us makes mistakes, don’t regret that out.

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Ow so fin pennant trees are glitch trees? I remember planting 20 of those in my world waiting 100 days till grow and the world now is belong to other cuz I was inactive

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Wow, 20 planted fin pennant seeds are really rare. Can you tell me the world name if you remember it?

Thats the world with many small locks but i can see now its harvested

Its planted in that medium lock and more down

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You don’t want to reveal the world name?

Minilock Its my lock farm and should be keep secret since you wanted the name, sure why not.

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Thank you, you can delete/change your post if you want to

All mine see

Well, I suppose he broke all of the trees then.

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I remember I planted a fin permit seed by mistake as I though it was a soil seed. And I tried to recall it with magnet I didn’t work.

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