I found a really good way to earn World Locks :D

Note: Only do this trick if you have over 50 world locks!

So, I had purchased 5 farms a few days ago and filled them with sb seeds (3k per farm) which require 9 wls per farm.
After you do this, wait for 3 days or do something else to earn wls.
When your farm is ready for harvesting, you should remember that you had purchased sb seeds for 9 wls and the output you get is 12k - 15 k sb blocks which is 999 sb / wl.
So you get around 4 - 8 wls profit per farm in 3 days.
I got my profit: 5 * 5 (avg) = 25 wls

Now, I know people in the comments would be like: SBs are HTS and stuff! … Just get some gems (2,500) and then broadcast it across the game that you’re selling sb! You will only lose a wl by doing this but the profit comes along the way.

Do it first Thank me later :slight_smile:

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This is pretty good way, when you get enough wls you can buy (or make) more farms and sb seeds until you have everyday spikebombs ready to harvest :smiley:


Ya… I got 8 farms and I will be getting around 40 wls profit in a day or two XD

Pretty sure lots know about this already though.
Like technically buy farmable seeds, plant then harvest then sell… but still good job.

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