I found lock in Mining

lol a dark lock

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Why did you put this on the Lore category?

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Lol I couldn’t see. I will change it lol

They’ve got to protect the worlds somehow.

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What’s more interesting is that we can break blocks without the lock being open to public.


maybe the blocks are like pots and carts where anyone can break them

All special worlds i.e secretbase, jetrace, netherworld, deep nether and mining technically all have a lock on them. We just never see them.

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i knew that there was a lock when mining update came

What I am MORE interested in is why most dynamic worlds like PIXELMINES and PIXELSTATION are locked with dark locks, while HANGAR is locked with a PL.

Probably for Decoration purposes

Or Commander_K wants to flex his pl


Nah reject Thug commander_K return to wide EndlesS

Probably just aesthetic choices.